Covid 19 and the spread of coronavirus has affected children across the globe, and made them anxious, isolated, developed stress symptoms,  even developing grief and fear in some children. Parents are facing the challenge  of balancing jobs, families and taking care of children at home each day. It is essential for parents to create a structure in meeting the needs of the growing children:

Be open: Talk about the Covid crisis and explain to them in simple terms. Encourage them to talk and be a good listener.

Consistency in daily routine: Create a consistent yet flexible routine for academics, structured activity time and free time that help children to feel secure and content. Engage children in creating the routine so that they feel  important to be part of the process. Make exercise and reading part of the daily routine.

One on one time: Set aside a time daily  to spend with each child and try to make it engaging and comfortable.

Maintaining social distancing: If it is safe, take children outside and teach them how to keep social distancing and wear mask to ensure their safety and safety of others. Always invite children to provide suggestions. Talk to them and discuss why it is important to practice safety.

Making hand washing fun: Encourage children to sing along or make up a new song while washing hands. Be a good role model and practice healthy habits. Talk about limiting touches to nose, mouth or eyes and explain why it is essential.

Offering specific praise: Praise children and catch them being good.

Make a routine of setting a specific time at the end of the day to talk about one positive aspect of the day and share it. Offer opportunities for children to talk and discuss comfortably about any fear or issues they may be feeling or facing.  Be patient and stay calm.